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Student Advisory Board 2020-21

Student Advisory Board (SAB) of Symbiosis Law School, Pune (SLS Pune) is a student body of the institution. The Student Advisory Board was ideated and set into motion in 2009 under the guidance of Dr. Shashikala Gurpur, Director, SLS Pune, Dean, Faculty of Law, SIU. SAB of SLS, Pune is established in order to help in better institutional governance. The Student Advisory Board is intended to contribute for smooth functioning of the institution.

The Student Advisory Board of SLS, Pune is headed by a President, Three Vice-Presidents and other senior members who oversee the seven committees and their functioning. Each committee has a unique role and requires unique skills to be a part of. The Student Advisory Board represents Symbiosis Law School, Pune's core values of holistic development of students and making the world one family, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

Symbiosis law school, pune student advisory board composition 2020-21

Core Committee of the Student Advisory Board, 2020-21
Sr. No. Name Year Designation
1 Shervil Adappa V President
2 Varun Mehta V Vice-President
3 Priyanka Prasanth V Vice-President
4 Riddhi Dhananjay Joshi V Vice-President
5 Shanika Bhowmik V Executive Advisor
6 Parantap Singh V Advisor
7 Arnav Mittal V Advisor
Academic and Research Committee
8 Aakarsh Banyal III Head
9 Winona D’souza III Co-Head
Alumni Committee
10 Ishita Soni IV Head
11 Ankita Rao III Co-Head
12 Sakshi Barbate III Co - Head
Extra and Co-Curricular Committee
13 Anmol kaur Bawa IV Head
14 Ashwin Vardarajan III Co-Head
15 Parinika Benor Krishnan III Co - Head
Public Relations, Media and Website Committee
16 Rimjhim Mishra IV Head
17 Hariharan Shekar IV Co-Head
18 Rishika Kharbanda IV Co - Head
Programme Co-ordination and Support Committee
19 Rahul Santhosh Paul IV Head
20 Dhruvi Shah IV Co-Head
21 Shambhavi Jha IV Co - Head
Student Welfare Committee
22 Angira Bhattacharjee IV Head
23 Aashita Unnikrishnan Nair III Co-Head
24 Advetita Singhi III Co - Head

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