Symbiosis Law School Pune Learning Resource Centre is a vibrant hub in the law school. It provides traditional materials as well as electronic resources. The carefully designed physical and digital spaces allow for various teaching styles to cater for diverse student research and learning.

Specialist staff focus on catering for student needs. Literacy programs and special events that occur throughout the year broaden student knowledge and assist them to engage with their studies. The Learning Resource Centre enhances collaboration between teaching staff to ensure that we cater for a broad curriculum focus aligned with the Symbiosis International (Deemed University) Curriculum. We collect, organise and disseminate information to ensure student success. “Who is in the library is as important as what is in the library”

SLS Pune, Learning Resource Centre contain a mixture of print materials such as books, magazines and journals, but they also include electronic resources such as e-books, electronic databases and other web resources accessed via a computer, or tablet.


  • To create an educational environment that encourages the full personal and professional development of students & staff.
  • To procure a well-organized resources and participate effectively in the law school program as it strives to meet the needs of the students, teachers, administrators and other members of the law school community in the pursuit of relevant and excellent academic program.
  • To build collections and provide access to information and services to support teaching-learning, research and creative endeavours.
  • To acquaint different sectors of the community to utilize the different Learning Resource Centre resources effectively and efficiently and become independent researchers and users of the LRC.
  • To foster acquisition of new knowledge and experiences that enhance critical thinking leadership skills, visual and real sensitivity, and social integrity.
  • To help students become skillful and discernful users of all forms of available materials in SLS Pune and acquire desirable social attitude and responsibility that will help them in their spiritual and moral development.
  • To identify, acquire, organized store and provide on-demand access to the available intellectual and research products of scholars worldwide for the SLS Pune faculty and students, as well as, to the greater community of learners beyond SLS Pune.

Investment in academic year 2017-18

SLS, Pune Learning Resource Centre is very fortunate about budget. Last academic year 2017 – 18 library has spent on learning resources near about Two Crore.
Sr. No Particular Expenditure Cost
1 Books Rs. 45,60,968.00
2 Notes & Handouts Rs. 46,87,602.00
3 Online Database Rs. 69,00,493.00
4 Subscription & Membership Rs. 27,13,589.00
5 News Paper & Magazines Rs. 1,12,780.00

Special Print Collection

  • American Jurisprudence
  • Corpus Juris Secundum
  • Indian Bar Review
  • Journal of Indian Law Institute
  • United States Supreme Court Reports
  • Halsbury’s Laws Of England
  • Halsbury’s Laws of India
  • Law Reports of Commonwealth
  • Encyclopedia Forms and Precedent
  • Words & Phrases
  • Report of Patent Cases
  • The Civil Court Manuals
  • International Encyclopedia of Laws
  • World Book
  • Public Law
  • Butterworth Human Right Cases
  • Butterworth Medico Legal Reports
  • Evidence in Trials at Common Law
  • Universal Compendium: Reports of the Law Commission of India

Rare Collection of Books

Sr. No.TitleAuthorEd. / Year
1 Modern Constitutions Wheare K.c. 2. / 1966
2 Spotlights On Constitutional Interpretation Tripathi P.k. 1972
3 Judicial Review Of Fundamental Rights Reddy P Sarojini 1976
4 Cases & Materials On Constitutional & Administrative Law Wilson Geoffrey 2. / 1976
5 Appointment Of A Chief Justice Antulay A.r. 1973
6 Directive Principles Of Staste Policy In The Constitution Of India Hegde K.s. 1972
7 Constitutional Law : Study of Indian Ferdralism through cases Nigam K.k. 1975
8 Cases And Statutes On Constitutional  And Administrative Law Clarke H.w. 1973
9 Guide To Conduct And Etiquette At The Bar Of England & Wales Boulton  William 6. / 1975
10 Criminal Law And Punishment ( Clarendon Law Series ) Fitzgerald P.j. 1962
11 Indian Legal System Indian Legal System 1978
12 Press Law Smith,robin Callender 1978
13 Prepective  In Criminology, & Social Change. Krishna Iyer V. R 1980
14 Five Constitutions :Contrasts and Comparisons Finer S.c. 1979
15 Schedule To Dramatic Performances Act,1876 Studies In Criminology Probation Services in India. Shah Jyolsna H. 1973
16 Law & Society : The Crisis in Legal ideals ( Ideas & Ideologies Series ). Kamenka Eugene and brown Robert 1978
17 Law Justice & The Disabled Krishna Iyer V.r. For By Chalapathi and Rao 1982
18 Masters of Political Thought ( Plato To Machiavelli ) Michael B Foster 1971
19 Masters of Political Thought.  ( Machiavelli To Bentham ) W.T.Jones 1973
20 Growth of Crime : The International Experience Radzinowicz Leco & Joan King  
21 Lectures On Criminology Chitnis Y.s.  
22 Re-promulgation Of Ordinances: A Fraud on the Constitution of India Wadhwa J.m.j 1983
23 Modern Political Constitution :  An Intro to the Comparatives Study of their History & Existing Forms. Strong C.f.  And Clarke M.g 1975
24 Sociology  : A Systematic Introduction. Johnson Harry M. 7. / 1981
25 Sociology : A Text with Adapted Readings. Broom Leonard and Selznick Philip and Darroch Dorothy 7. / 1981
26 How India Struggled For Freedom; A Political History. Ram Gopal 1967
27 Fundamentals of Sociology Pascual Gisbert S.J. 3. / 1973
28 Habitual Offenders and the Law. Pande D.c. 1983
29 Supreme Court & Human Rights ; ( Forum Series). Marshall Burke 1982
30 Introduction To World Politics. W.Friedmann 5./ 1965
31 Crime And Criminal Justice System in India. Mir.mehraj-ud-din 1984
32 Philosophical Theory and Social  Reality : Studies in History & Society. Ravinder Kumar 1984
33 Crime Law & Society Frank E. Hartung 1965
34 Social Theories of Talcott Parsons ;  A Critical Examination. Black Max 1976
35 Forgery,Cheating ,Counterfeiting & Criminal Misappropriation. Charll N.k. 1984
36 Minorities and the Law. Imam Mohammed 1972
37 Interstate Trade Burriers And Sales Tax Laws in India Indian Law Institute 1962
38 Contemporary Constitutional Lawmaking : The Supreme Court & the Art of Politics. Carter Lief H. 1985
39 Plato ,  Republic A.D.Lindsay 1984
40 Select Constitutions. ( Documents on Muslim States ). Shiv Lal 1986
41 Sethna's Society & The Criminal. Sethna J.m.j 4./ 980
42 Baroda Dynamite Conspiracy : The Rights To Rebel. Rerddy C.g.k. 1977
43 Evolution of The Indian Constitution ( Chimanlal Setalvad Lec. 1970 ). Aiyar T L Venkatarama 1970
44 Independent Judiciary &  A Democratic State.( Anundoram Baroodh Law Lectures.) Setalvad  M.c. 1977
45 Our Judicial System With the Constitution  of India Khosla Gopal Das 1992
46 Inhuman Wrongs And Human Rights : Uncoventional Essays Baxi Upendra 1994
47 Valiant Victims And Lethal Litigation : Bhopal Case Baxi Upendra and Dhanda A. 1990
48 Law And Social Change Meagher Robert F 1988