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Class Lectures

Dr. (Prof.) Shashikala Gurpur

Full Lecture on Gender Justice – LL.M.

Full Lecture on Advanced Research Methods :Literature Review - LL.M.

Full Lecture on Human Rights of Women - LL.M.

Dr. (Prof.) Bindu Ronald

Full Lecture on Winding up of Companies – III Year BA/BBALL.B. (Hons.)

Dr. (Prof.) Parmeswaran

Full Lecture on Law and Justice in Globalised World – LL.M.

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(Part 1)

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(Part 2)

Dr. Aparajita Mohanty

Full Lecture on Globalisation and Economic Liberalisation (Pol Sci. III)– II Year BA LL.B. (Hons.)

Dr. Suryarashmi Rawat

Full Lecture on Marketing Management – II Year BBALL.B. (Hons.)

Mrs. Sujata Arya

Full Lecture on Negligence

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Part 1 - I Year BA/BBALL.B. (Hons.)

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Part 2 – I Year BA/BBALL.B. (Hons.)

Mrs. Semanti Chaudhary

Full Lecture on Investors Protection

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Part 1 LL.M.

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Part 2 LL.M.

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Part 3 LL.M.


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