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Faculty Research Profile

Details of topics PhD awarded: Ph D – 6, M Phil -1

  1. Dr. Shashikala Gurpur :

    A Critical Study of the Legal Regime of Biological Diversity, University of Mysore, 2002

    Dr. Shashikala Gurpur has also guided the following candidates for their Ph.D

    • Prof. Shashikant C. Hajare , The Law of Parliamentary Privileges in India: Problems and Prospects – Symbiosis International University, 2009
    • Dr. Santosh Kakade , Changing Trends in the Law of Medical Negligence Under Consumer Protection Act 1986 – Symbiosis International University, 2014
    • Prof. Atmaram Shelke , Issues and challenges in Protecting Copyrights in Cyberspace: A Comparative Analysis – Symbiosis International University, 2015

  2. Dr K. Parameswaran

    Dr.Parameshwaran's Book - The Integral Dimensions of Law

  3. Dr. Bindu S. Ronald:

    Shareholder Protection in Joint Stock Companies under the Companies Act 1956, Mumbai University, 2003

  4. Dr. Aparajita Mohanty

    Role of Committees & Commissions in the Evolution of Higher Education Policy in India (1947 – 2004) – University of Pune, 2009

  5. Dr. Shashikant C Hajare

    The Law of Parliamentary Privileges in India: Problems and Prospects – Symbiosis International University, 2009

  6. Dr. Rupal Rautdesai

    Subject Matter of Patent: A Comparative Study with reference to India, United States and United Kingdom – Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat, 2013

  7. Dr. Surya Rashmi Rawat

    Understanding Consumer Behaviour towards Green Marketing – University of Shimla, 2013

M. Phil awarded:

  1. Dr. Mohanty Aparajita:

    Organization and Working of Konarak Jute Limited, Sambalpur University, Orissa, 1986

Other Ph. Ds in the year 2014-15

  1. Prof. Yuvraj D. Patil, Conflict between Human and Animal: The Case of Endangered Species”.

Symbiosis International University, 2014

  1. Prof. Shubhada Pednekar , “Role of Medical Evidence: Offences against women”
  2. Prof. Girish N. Abhayankar , Witness Protection in Criminal Trials in India-
  3. Prof. Atmaram Shelke , Issues and challenges in Protecting Copyrights in Cyberspace: A Comparative Analysis – Symbiosis International University, 2015
  4. Aradhana Nair, Protection of Indian Traditional Knowledge – Food & Medicines– Symbiosis International University, 2015

Doctoral Research students from the Institute:

  1. Faculty members:, Prof. Santosh Aghav, Prof. Aradhana Nair, Prof. Ashish Deshpande, Prof. Aparna Kalita, Prof. Sujata Arya, Prof. Swapnil Bangali , Prof. Shirish Kulkarni, Prof. Amol Sapatnekar and Prof. Jinamoni Baruah.

Research fellows (Full Time):

  1. Ms. Chaitra R. Beerannavar, Mr. Barzan Mustafa , Mrs. Smita Pandey and Ms. Surya R. Kulathoor ,


  1. Departments recognized as research centres:

    SLS,Pune is recognized as the research center in law, under the aegis of Symbiosis International University

  2. Faculty recognized as research guides:
    • Dr Shashikala Gurpur, Director is the member of the Research and Recognition Committee, Faculty of Law, SIU. She is also recognized as a Ph.D Guide, guiding eight students at present.
    • Besides, Dr. K. Parameswaran , Dr. Bindu Ronald, Dr. Shashikanat Hajare and Dr. Aparajita Mohanty are also recognized guides from the institute under the Faculty of Law, SIU. 
    • The following faculty are the research guides for the LL.M students :- Dr Shashikala Gurpur, Dr Bindu Ronald, Dr. Shashikant Hajare, Dr. Aparajita Mohanty, Dr. Rupal Rautdesai, Prof. Aradhana Nair, Prof. Swapnil Bangali, Prof. Atmaram Shelke, Prof. Girish Abhyankar, Prof. Asawari Abhyankar, Prof. Abhijit Vasmatkar, Prof. Santosh Aghav, Prof. Garima Pal, Prof. Tokmen Doming, Prof. Simanti Choudhary, Prof. Vanishree Ramanathan .
  3. Priority areas for research:

    Constitutional Law, Gender and Law, Human Rights Law, Environmental Law, Technology Law, Policy Studies, Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Law and Medicine, Public Law

  4. Faculty Research Projects (minor and major projects ,funding from the Government, UGC, DST, CSIR, AICTE, Industry, NGO or International agencies)
    • Dr. Shashikala Gurpur – Minor Research project on 'Exploratory Research on Environmental Law and Policy with particular relevance to water pollution and water resource management in Pune Municipal Corporation; the State of Maharashtra and India. (Ongoing ) 

    • Dr. K. Parameswaran, Minor Research Project Proposal (2014-15 ) on the theme “Judicial Trends And Patterns In Private International Law In India With Special Reference To Marriage And Matrimonial Issues”, funded by SIRI, SIU. (Ongoing )

    • DR. APARAJITA MOHANTY , Minor Research Project (201) on the theme  “Empirical Study Of Goa's Transition And Transformation From Continental To Common Law System After Its Liberation”. funded by SIRI, SIU. (Ongoing )
  1. Dr. Shashikala Gurpur, Dr. Bindu Ronald, Dr. V. N. Paranjape – Project on Corporate Take-over in collaboration with ITC Ltd.
  2. Dr. Bindu Ronald, Dy. Director, SLS, Pune and Dr. S. C. Hajare, Asso. Professor, SLS, Pune and other members of the faculty and students – "An analysis of Pending Bills (9 Bills) was done by Symbiosis Law School, Pune" on request from Mrs. Vandana Chavan, MP, Rajya Sabha.
  3. Dr Shashikala Gurpur and team , (eight faculty members, 3 Students), Assisting Mr. Ram Jethmalani in research for his proposed book on the Indian Penal Code, sponsored by Adv. Ram Jethmalani & Assoc., New Delhi, 2007-2008 –Minor
  4. Dr. Shashikala Gurpur, Research Project, 2001-02 (enclosed) Gender Advocacy Culture & Human Rights, Third Sector Research, Mysore University, funded by Ford Foundation-Minor
  5. Prof. S.S.Pednekar 2006-2007, Women in Governance: Women Sarpanches in Pune District- Minor
  6. Prof. S.S.Pednekar Human Rights and Sexuality: Students and the faculty would provide legal literacy and legal advice, besides research support for curriculum development, partly funded by the Sambhavana Society 2007-2008 – Minor
  7. Dr Bindu Ronald: Market Access for Agricultural Products funded by the UNDP, 2001- 2005 (part of the NUJS, Calcutta team).- Minor
  8. Dr Bindu Ronald: "Review of Plantation Labor Act with special reference to Tea Industry" funded by Tea Board of India. (2006, part of the NUJS, Calcutta team), Minor
  9. Dr Bindu Ronald: "Land Legislation affecting Tea Industry with special reference to the States of West Bengal Assam and Tripura" funded by the Tea Board of India. (2006-08, started while on the NUJS, Calcutta team ongoing), Minor
  10. Sujata Arya (faculty advisor), Child Rights - The 'Street Children Drive' is a local initiative undertaken by the Cell with the support of Janseva, a Pune based NGO. (2006, 35 students and Faculty) Minor.
  11. Sujata Arya, The Human Rights Cell (SLS) in collaboration with the Spastics Society of India, Mumbai and ADAPT (Able Disabled All People Together) recently undertook the Access Audit Project (Dec 2006, 18 students), Minor
  12. Santosh Aghav, Yerwada Prison Project - To provide detainees at the jail with information and knowledge of their basic rights and options to legal recourse as detainees and under-trials (2006), Minor

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