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Shrinivasrao S. Sohoni IAS Retd), Pune

Shrinivasrao S. Sohoni is a Governance Specialist and Strategic Analyst. Educated at The Doon School, Dehradun, and St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, Mr Sohoni entered the Indian Administrative Service in 1970. His over 45 years aggregate governance experience at State, Union Government, and international levels, includes key assignments in the Government of India in the Department of Cabinet Affairs, Union Cabinet Secretariat, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Industry, Parliament, and in India’s neighbourhood.

During a period of endemic political turbulence in the country, and four changes of government at the Centre, Mr. Sohoni was Secretary to the President of India, and Secretary-General of the RajyaSabha, having previously served as Additional Secretary in the President’s Secretariat and of the RajyaSabha, and Secretary to the Governor of Maharashtra.

Through 2006 to 2014, Mr Sohoni served as Senior Adviser in the Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, advising the Afghan President and mentoring the young Cabinet Secretary and senior officials in the President’s Secretariat on a range of governance issues including, especially, subjects germane to Afghanistan’s Constitutional, Political, and National Security perspectives.

A student of Comparative Religion, especially Islam, history of Islam, and connected trends and entities, Mr. Sohoni’s current focus is on the problem of Islamic Terrorism and Extremism, and the organization of State and Civil Society approaches for purposes of Counter-Terrorism/Extremism.


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