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SLS, Pune - Ranking Accreditations

Indian Institutional Ranking Framwork

Indian Institutional Ranking Framework

SLS Pune is ranked at number 1 in the Indian Institutional Ranking Framework (IIRF2023) amongst the Top 50 Law Colleges ( Private category) by Education post

Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination Award 7 Conclave

Intellectual Property Talent Search Examination Awards and Conclave

SLS Pune was awarded the 'Best College Award' amongst top 3 in virtual ‘IPTSE awards & IPTSE Conclave’ dated 28April2021 during the World IP Day.

7th FICCI Higher Educational Excellence Awards

7th FICCI Higher Educational Excellence Awards 2021

Symbiosis Law School Pune is announced as the Winner in 'Excellence in Internationalization of Higher Education' in the 7th FICCI Higher Educational Excellence Awards 2021. Awards were virtually presented by the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour Dr. R. A. Mashalkar,National Research Professor and President , NCL and Global Research Alliance

India Today Survey 2021

India Today Survey2023

SLS Pune was awarded Rank1 in Private category of 'Top10 Private Law Colleges in India' by India Today Survey2023. SLS Pune has retained the Rank 1 position for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 in this category

CSR-GHRDC Law School Survey 2021

CSR-GHRDC Law Schools Survey 2023

Symbiosis Law School Pune has been awarded All India Rank 1 and in the category of 'Top Supreme Law Schools' by the CSR-GHRDC Law Schools Survey 2023.

The Week-Hansa Research Survey 2021

The Week-Hansa Research Survey2023

SLS Pune is ranked at number 1st amongst the Top Private Law Colleges in India by the Week-Hansa Research Survey2023

The pursuit of legal education in India has taken on profound significance over the years, reflecting the growing demand for skilled legal professionals. This need for top-tier law colleges has created a pivotal decision-making point for aspiring law students, one that can deeply influence their academic and professional journey. In this context, Symbiosis Law School, Pune (SLS Pune), stands as a beacon of excellence, continually earning its reputation as one of the finest private law colleges among the Best private law colleges in India.

At SLS Pune, our journey is marked by a tapestry of achievements and accolades that testify to our unwavering commitment to academic excellence. It is the dedicated faculty, consisting of seasoned legal scholars and practitioners, that forms the bedrock of our institution. Their guidance ensures that our students receive a comprehensive legal education, empowering them with not only theoretical knowledge but also practical insights into the law's real-world applications.

What truly sets SLS Pune apart is our ardent focus on research and innovation within the realm of law. We actively encourage our students to delve into legal research, participate in moot court competitions, and contribute to legal publications. This emphasis on intellectual exploration fosters a sense of curiosity, critical thinking, and academic growth. It's this dedication to academic rigour that consistently positions us among the top private law schools in India.

Beyond academics, SLS Pune prides itself on its inclusive and diverse community. Our student body hails from diverse backgrounds, creating a vibrant tapestry of perspectives and ideas. This cultural mosaic contributes to a deeper and more holistic understanding of the law's societal implications, preparing our students not only for India's legal landscape but also for the global stage. It's within this diverse environment that our students cultivate essential interpersonal skills crucial for effective legal practice.


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