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Important Notice for current student's

Dear Students,

The Examination for all Fresh and Backlog Batches will be conducted as a take-home assignment for all examinations for April 2022 season.

No vivas, proctoring or handwritten exam will be conducted for any of the above-mentioned exams.

As per the timetable, the students will receive the paper through email and they have to submit it STRICTLY within the time allotted for every paper as per the number of credits for the paper. (Please find below the detailed chart)

Considering the connectivity/ electricity /network issues we will be giving 10 extra minutes to submit the answer scripts. Any submission beyond these 10 minutes will face deductions of 10 percent marks per 15 minutes and it will be calculated as per the time stamp of the submission.

The students are required to submit their answer scripts in a Word File (.doc/.docx) with PRN and name of the Subject. (For Ex-12345678_Family Law). Submission in any other format will not be accepted.

Formatting guidelines: Font size & name: 12 & Times New Roman; Line spacing 1.5; Justified; Page size: A4; No borders

The paper will have to be submitted through Google Form (For every submission there will be a separate google form), which will be provided along with the question paper.

As per SIU directives, plagiarism above 30 percent will be considered as an unfair means case and performance will be treated as null and void for the entire examination.

UG from I to V year of BA / BBA LLB (Hons.) and First to Third Year of LLB


No. of Questions(with 100% Options)

Time (Hours) 

Extra Time

4 credits (60 marks) 

6 Long Questions 

2 Hours, 30 Mins 

10 Mins

3 credits (45 marks) 

4 Long Questionsand 1 Short Note

1 Hour, 30 Mins 

10 Mins

2 credits (30 marks) 

3 Long Questions 

1 Hour 

10 Mins



No. of Questions (with 100% Options)

Total Marks 

Time (Hours) 

Extra Time

2 Credits 

40 marks

2 Long Questions of 15 Marks Each and 2 Short Notes of 5 marks each


1 Hour, 30 mins

10 mins

3 Credits

60 Marks

6 Long Questions of 10 marks each


2 Hours, 30 mins

10 mins

For any further queries, please contact the faculty in charges of the Exam Department on exam.slsp@symlaw.ac.in

Dr. Shashikala Gurpur
Director, SLS, Pune


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